While some people complain about not having enough imagination, my imagination doesn’t stop. It seem to not know when it’s time to sleep, time to work or time to actually accomplish something else apart from putting this one sentence in my head or this one scene that begs to be adapted to a story.

That being said, I’m often too lazy to actually write the story down and after that go through the process of actually editing the story. The times I succeeded in both resulted in the stories here. Yes, there are so many more stories to be told, and a million half stories scattered around on my pc, in my head and on notepads lying all through the house. And maybe I’ll get to it. For now, enjoy what is there.

Apart from the ‘normal’ stories, I wrote a few dungeon runs from my guild into stories. Mostly only readable for World of Warcraft fans, feel free to read them but don’t blame me if you start to question your sanity halfway through. I gave up mine a while ago.

For each story: please don’t copy/use/link without reference to my site. Any commercial use must be discussed with me first.